The Gowanus Canal in south Brooklyn has breached its banks and is crawling all the way up to the next block, where I live on Bond and Carroll. 

Most of the streets surrounding the canal are flooded at this point with Gowanus water, which, as I wrote about earlier today, is notoriously gross and full of chemicals, heavy metals, and sewage. 

As of 8:30 p.m., the water has gotten all the way across Bond Street to my house. Outside the window, there looks to be about six inches to a foot of water at the base of the house — farther toward the canal it’s deeper. (That last photo is the view out the window toward the canal.) 

The wind, obviously, is also an issue. One of my neighbors told me he saw two teenagers get struck by a piece of flying metal scaffolding while crossing the Carroll Street bridge about two hours ago.